Desktop Pro Features

Rely upon Fieldgetics’ industry-changing software suite

Learn more about Fieldgetics' powerful and innovative suite of features designed to help achieve your organization’s goal of superior field service by clicking one of the features below.

Schedule service calls

Fieldgetics Schedule Service Calls

Efficiently schedule and manage service calls. Our built in workflow and dispatch model allows multiple dispatchers to create dispatch views and easily manage a large team of technicians in the field. Quickly search through stored job history information to find related issues.

Monitor, barcode, & inventory

Fieldgetics Monitor, Barcode, & Inventory

Track your inventory and assets with ease. Barcode parts and equipment for fast field scanning. Setup inventory thresholds so you know when you need to replenish stock.

Generate invoices

Fieldgetic Invoicing

Seamless invoice creation using advanced pricing and cost matrices. Your invoices are fed from field data, quotes, orders, expenses, as well as your customized customer/location pricing and costing preferences to give you complete insight into everything that should be accounted for when billing your customers.

Build a management dashboard

Fieldgetic Management Dashboard

Create your own custom management dashboards using a substantial suite of widgets to create different views and filters. Access common tasks or reports, all from within your customized dashboard.

Create custom forms & reports

Fieldgetic Custom Forms

Custom form builder allows you to convert existing paper or spreadsheet documents into mobile forms, screens, & reports. Choose from an array of templates to match your layout preferences or allow us to custom design a theme just for your company. We offer a large number of filterable reports for invoicing, bills, costing and other uniquely useful data.

Tailor customer portals

Fieldgetic Customer Portals

Create logins and choose features for your customers. Allow them access to view real-time invoices, dispatches, service maps, approve quotes, job photos. Ensure they only see the data you want them to see.

Accounting, POs & payroll

Fieldgetic Customer Portals

Integrate with QuickBooks Desktop (more coming soon) we will work with your requirements to integrate with your accounting package. Create and receive orders that automatically feed your inventory tracking. For payroll, Export field fed or time clock data to eliminate paper timesheets.

System event notifications

Fieldgetic Customer Portals

Get notified whenever field or company events occurred using our event subscription service. Using the desktop pro software you can get alerts right on your screen with quick access to the related event.